10 Seconds of an Eclipse Teaser is All the Time Taylor Lautner Needs to Get Shirtless


The full, 90-second teaser for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is due tomorrow, but why not tease the teaser with a 10-second version today? Here's what you get: two full lines, one of which is a howler. Shots of the Pacific Northwest! Bella and Edward on a bed, not in a bed. And, of course, the Taylor Lautner torso. Sadly, no one is marrying vampire babies or cracking rib bones yet. Give it time, kids. Give. It. Time.

VERDICT: If they're going to tease tomorrow's trailer, I'm going to tease tomorrow's verdict. Oh, who am I kidding: I loved it so much, I don't want to have sex with it til marriage.


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