Howard Stern Defends, Expands on Gabourey Sidibe Slam: 'She's Going to Kill Herself'

Howard Stern railed on Monday with concerns for Gabourey Sidibe's weight "crisis" and her potential in show business. Those doubts were allayed -- with spectacular timing -- by news that Sidibe had landed roles in the Showtime drama The Big C and the film Yelling at the Sky. But today, Stern elaborated on his diatribe by comparing Sidibe to the show's troubled team member Artie Lange. "I kinda don't see a difference between what our Artie [Lange] did -- Artie tried to kill himself -- and I feel like this girl, in a slower way, but nevertheless the same outcome will be that she's going to kill herself." Full audio is embedded after the break.

Robin Quivers also stood behind the earlier statements, using Sidibe's new gigs as rationale for her concerns. "That's more people saying, 'Stay this way, because we're hiring you like this.'"


  • Candy says:

    She is so overweight it looks like she is ready to explode. She seems like a sweet person and I hope she realizes that dropping some LBs will help her overall health. She doesn't have to be bone-thin...just in a healthy weight range.

  • Bryan says:

    I agree, Candy. Even Monique who starred in the movie with her realized she needed to be more fit and healthy and dropped from about 260 down to 220 and hopes to be around 200 eventually. That's hardly anorexic. But this poor girl looks to be almost 400 lbs. Maybe less because of her height. If she could get down to 250 or less, that would be a tremendous improvement for her overall health and she'd feel a lot better. And, yes, a variety of roles would open up for her that aren't available to her now. But that's secondary.

  • Joseph says:

    While I agree that she could probably stand to lose some weight to be healthier and expand her life, the reason Artie Lange tried to kill himself is because he was and is a depressed person. The two subjects have nothing to do with each other. It's like comparing the deaths of Natasha Richardson to Anna Nicole Smith.

  • Lucas says:

    indeed. no one is saying that Gabourey needs to be the black Kate Moss. But lets get real here. This young woman looks well over 300 lbs. Even if she's 6 feet tall that's still morbidly obese. heart trouble, joint issues, asthma, diabetes, kidney trouble are all pretty much guaranteed.
    and despite what was said in the trailer to her new show, the choice isn't 'fat and jolly or skinny bitch'. there's also healthy and happy.

  • Michele says:

    Howard Stern is the ugliest human being God ever created, and he needs to find another way of dealing with his gross inferiority in the looks department other than trying to focus on or poke fun at overweight people or anyone else.
    I don't how Stern manages to stay on the air when so many other shock jocks are either fired or called on the carpet. HE'S A MESS!!!

  • Alexis says:

    It's one thing to be a little chubby, and if you like being that size, that's perfectly fine. Being morbidly obese, however, and then saying that you love your body just the way it is is in a completely different realm. You shouldn't love being fatally unhealthy nor should you be proud of that fact that you're slowly killing yourself. Sometimes people just completely miss the point.