EXCLUSIVE: Live Conan O'Brien Canadian Dates Confirmed by Movieline

Conan O'Brien may not have officially announced his upcoming vengeance tour yet but Ticketmaster pretty much has. First, with their premature posting of a stop in Phoenix, AZ, which had fans counting down the hours until ticket-take-off, only for the event to be mysteriously pulled from the distribution site. When Movieline contacted Conan's publicists at 42West, they cryptically told us that "It's too premature to comment on anything at this point. There will be an announcement this week." We begged for a head nod, a wink, a telling blast from Andy Richter -- anything that would confirm the Cocopalooza. And God Ticketmaster finally conceded, by revealing another stop on O'Brien's eagerly-anticipated comedy tour -- that proves the comedian might be cutting a wider tour swath than fans had hoped.

The destination: River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton, AB. Although the option to "Buy Tickets" was disabled on the Ticketmaster website, Movieline proceeded to call the Canadian venue, where "Conan O'Brien" was the first option of their automated box office. After furiously pounding the corresponding key, Movieline was connected to a kindly friend of the north named Marianne, who regretfully explained that Ticketmaster U.S.'s posting of the Conan date was "premature" and "shouldn't have gone up yet because the event isn't ready."

Upon further pressing, Marianne revealed that as far as she knew, the event was still scheduled but it should not have been posted on Ticketmaster U.S.'s website. Her advice to all of the eager Canadian Coco fans out there: Keep trying Ticketmaster Canada, although she was unsure of when the event would be posted again or when tickets would be available for purchase.

The tour, which was first leaked by The Wrap, would be a clever way of skirting that clause in O'Brien's exit deal with NBC that stipulates that the former Tonight Show host cannot appear on television before September. At the time of that initial story, O'Brien's representatives at William Morris Endeavor were reportedly working out dates for the show.

And if Conan is making the journey that far north, that means that you, Coco fans of Moose Jaw, can keep faith alive that he might visit your stretch of the Saskathchewan.