Corey Haim's Final Film: 'This is What it Takes! This is the Job!': VIDEO


The Corey Haim filmography that began with the 1984 family drama Firstborn will end next month with Decisions, the last movie Haim completed before he collapsed and died of an accidental drug overdose today at age 38. His IMDB page shows a host of others in pre-production, but Haim rolled film on this one last November in L.A. with director Jensen LeFlore. As the clip below hints, you might say it's slightly flawed. But as the movie's executive producer implied, it's not Haim's fault.

"Corey was a professional and had no sign of any drug abuse at all," Zenon Kesik told TMZ this afternoon, adding that he did not require a drug test for the actor, who'd battled addiction much of his adult life. "He was straight. He didn't appear to be on any substance whatsoever." Fair enough, but you can pretty clearly see the accumulated wear and tear in the sequences here, featuring Haim as a corrupt detective with underachieving people skills -- to put it kindly. Another synopsis describes his character, Lou Andreas, as being involved in the lives of "six troubled kids." The given tagline for the film -- "Sometimes the voice of reason comes in a gruff, dirty package" -- suggests everything will work out fine. Alas.

Kesik said that Decisions will be released in mid-April, presumably on DVD.

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