Clash of the Titans' Izabella Miko on 'Glowing Gods' and Eagle Attacks: VIDEO


Let's return now to Movieline's roving video powerhouse Carly Steel, who had the happy fortune recently to catch up with Clash of the Titans co-star Izabella Miko. The actress plays the film's Athena, goddess of wisdom and war -- and apparently the repository for a massive python that Miko wasn't quite ready to share the screen (and especially her shoulders) with. But that was just the beginning of her animal problems. Carly gets the full story from Miko -- along with an appeal for environmentally conscious single men with a spare $100,000 lying around -- after the jump.

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  • Feet of Courier says:

    Okay, Miko is Polish, so I get her accent, but where is Carly Steel from?

  • transformer-x says:

    Being born in Poland without high living and technology, mostly underdeveloped for ages Eastern Germany, Prussia and very far from all what is American she should resign from normal movies and switch to porn. She is very alike to Miss Russia 2006 which is doing it already:

  • xyz xyz says:

    3:51 - you are a idiot

  • Natalia says:

    What do you mean by "without high living and technology"??? Learn something about Poland before you write :
    There's as much technology as everywhere... It's even much cheaper than in US or anywhere. If getting less money mean "no high living" for you, than look at prices in Poland - YES we earn less, but everything is much, much cheaper here :
    The real problem with technology only where government has to pay (-_-)'

  • TRANSFORMER-x says:

    No, I mean people born in Poland have no much chances in
    Hollywood since everything is worse there. Like poor or
    The reason is that till 1945 half of current Poland was under
    Germany and till 1918 under Prussia which was scared to build there
    becouse of the border with Russia, so the infrastructure in Poland
    is this of Germany but very old and so worse.
    The people then are not matching the United States
    like wooden toys to Legoland or something.
    They may adjust but it takes years.

  • Natalia says:

    Infrastructure is important in having chances in Hollywood???... Have you ever been to Poland? Why do you think we're worse than Americans??
    The problem is that we don't have so many scyscrapers?
    And again - you think we're poor? Yeah, maybe we don't have a lot of money, but (again...) prices here are much lower.

  • Natalia says:

    And our infrastructure isn't German O_O'
    And we don't really have many old buildings (not even many castles etc...), because lots were destroyed during the second world war...
    Most of buildings are new...

  • .Polish Guy says:

    You are so fucking stupid man...or maybe just american- in a way it is the same thing(see this for example It's 2010 now not 1989 you know? Maybe we're not that advanced but still German occupation until 1945 has nothing to do with what Poland looks like now. Our school system is not perfect but still is better than yours. It gives us more general knowledge which makes us much more adjustable. And for fucks sake what are you so happy about? That you country was build on blood of rightful owners? That you imprisoned them, made second class citizens out of them? Grow up and see your mistakes and imperfection. And stop jerking your little dick watching fake miss Russia porn. Idiot

  • transformer-x says:

    OK, OK forget Poland and if Miss Russia is fake in porn. I just think
    Iśka Miko would be cute in movie like that:

  • Mickey says:

    Izabella hun, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and BATTLE STRATEGY. There is a difference between war and battle strategy. And anyway, Ares is the god of war, not Athena.