5 Juicier Cities for Real Housewives Expansion

Bravo announced a slew of new projects today, including the newest iteration of their signature Real Housewives franchise in Beverly Hills. Predictable, no? It sounds like a colorless hybrid of Orange County and NYC, with the added cupcake empires and Rodeo Drive visits for singularity. At least the upcoming Washington D.C. branch offers politics, the military, and legitimate scandal; Beverly Hills just repackages the well-explored lives of Bethenny Frankel and Vicki Gunvalson. Bravo is missing potential in five smaller metropolitan areas, which all offer sinister qualities like international flavor, religion, or complete isolation.



Housewives finally embraced gaudiness with New Jersey, but the fringe-and-fluff pageantry of Dallas is a bubbling-over wellspring. The salon conversations alone would outdo any of Danielle Straub's debacles, rising to compete with the barbershop shenanigans of Jersey Shore. Southern women are also built for one-liners, and Housewives is nothing without its quotability. If they cast a particularly raunchy bunch, perhaps Bravo would be good enough to call the series The Best Little Prostitution Whores in Texas.

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