'What Part Could Gabourey Sidibe Ever Play?' Here's Your Answer, Howard Stern

In a skin-crawlingly mean-spirited rant delivered on his radio show yesterday, Howard Stern, egged on by sidekick Robin Quivers, laid into Oscar-nominated Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Calling her "the most enormous fat black chick I've ever seen," Stern predicted that "she's never going to have another shot. What movie is she going to be in? Blind Side 2? She can take out the whole front line...Listen honey, now you got a little money in the bank, go get yourself thin. You're going to die in like, three years."

Audio, and delicious comeuppance, after the jump.

"I think she was in a folding chair," Quivers added, when the subject turned to the Oscars. Way to have a sister's back! Then Stern accused Oprah, whose introduction of Sidibe earned applause and moved the young actress to tears, of lying to Sidibe when she told "this enormous woman the size of a planet that she's going to have a career." Yeah, Oprah, because what heavy black woman has ever had a successful show business career?

To answer Howard's question, however, the part Sidibe could -- and will -- play is on the small screen, in Showtime's new comedy The Big C. ET reports she'll be playing a student of star Laura Linney's character, a suburban mom who tries to find the humor in a cancer diagnosis. The pilot was directed by Bill Condon, who just happened to take a chance on Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls. So don't worry your skinny little head about Gabby, Howard. She'll pull through just fine.


  • Chris says:

    There's PC and then there's SC, or socially correct comments, which Howard Stern didn't make. However, he is correct. Gabourey Sidibe is a grotesque looking woman because she indulges in a totally disastrous way of living. She should be seeking help, because she will die from her obesity. Calling her overweight is glossing over her problem. She is morbidly obese. The only parts she will get are like those of "Precious". This means that her career will consist of playing morbidly obese women. She'll be playing herself, and frankly, it will be a short career, in terms of both her range and her health. Oprah's speech about her at the Oscar's was such an incredible lie. Basically, they're treating Gabourey Sidibe like they would someone with Down's Syndrome or with a physical handicap. However, there is a huge difference. People with the aforementioned handicaps cannot help having the conditions they have to overcome. Gabourey Sidibe's physical appearance is self-inflicted. She can lose the weight if she had self-discipline, but what does she say she's doing after the Oscar's? Eating fried chicken. Way to go girl. The world is telling you it's okay to be a grossly fat person, and you are literally eating it up. Hope you live past 40.

  • Jessica says:

    Yeah, she's on that show. But Laura Linney says to her (in the preview I saw) "You can't be fat and mean. You are either fat and jolly or a skinny bitch, pick one!" So its not like her size is going unnoticed, she was obviously purposely cast because of her size, but after this there probably won't be much more for her, not if she doesn't do something about her weight--and not just for her work as an actress, but for her own health! Howard may not say things in the nicest way, but most of the time--this one included--he is right!