Buzz Break: Give Him Some Space


· If Caprica didn't burnish Patton Oswalt's cult sci-fi bona fides enough, he's now penning a Firefly comic book. Click to expand the cover art, nerrrrds.

· Nooo! Newly minted Oscar winner has dropped out of David Cronenberg's The Talking Cure, where we was to play Sigmund Freud. Now, Viggo Mortensen will be filling in opposite Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley.

· One of the Rhode Island cops on this season of The Amazing Race has been put on desk duty "in the wake of an internal investigation into a major cop-operated cocaine ring." That's never good.

· Columbia is trying to bring Sacha Baron Cohen or Jemaine Clement on board the entirely unnecessary Men in Black 3.

· Does Sherri Shepherd know why the Oscarcast cut to her when Precious screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher won? "Sure, 'cause I'm another black person, but I didn't care," she told Vulture. "I wanted them to cut to me for everything."

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