VIDEO: But How Did Sandra Bullock's Oscar Speech Compare to Her Razzie Acceptance?

Without question, Sandra Bullock's Oscar speech yesterday was the best of the night, incorporating laughs, class, tears, and a sad realization that the speech may have been better than the actual movie she was winning for. Then again, the more difficult acceptance may have been the one Bullock delivered the night before, when she showed up to the Razzies to collect her Worst Actress trophy in All About Steve. I mean, she produced the movie and starred in it (so she's a bit partial), but is it just me, or is Bullock utterly unable to admit the film may have been a bit disastrous?

The actress showed up with a wagon of DVDs and the shooting script for the movie, noting, "I'm willing to go through page by page, read the line the way I did it in the film and, if anyone wants to give me a line read of how I could've done it better..." Here's how: You could have not done it. It was a bad movie, Sandy! Still, kudos on showing up, even if you were a bit defensive. You won even more goodwill with that Oscar pick a movie we can get behind. Our fingers are crossed.


  • John Boy says:

    Seems like you're looking for contrition, where she's going for humor. I thought her speeches, for the Oscar and the Razzie, were great and truly in keeping with the spirit of both events.

  • some guy says:

    I'm with Jonh Boy. The award was for worst actress, dudes, not worst picture. Lighten up.

  • Salvador says:

    Maybe she could make better movies, but at least she's got some humility and self-effacement...a lot more than many others in her line of work.