Ticketmaster Pulls Conan O'Brien Show From Website, Denies Any Knowledge of Coco Tour

On Friday, Movieline relayed the news that the rumored Conan O'Brien vengeance tour -- a live performance circuit that would cleverly skirt that clause in the comedian's exit deal with NBC which stipulated that the comedian could not appear on television before September -- would kick off with an April 30 appearance in Phoenix, Arizona. Ticketmaster had posted the event on its website with minimal details and a guarantee that Coco Nation could purchase tickets on Monday, March 8, but when eager fans flocked to the site at 10:00 MST this morning, they realized that Ticketmaster had unceremoniously yanked the event from its website.

After a few readers reported that they had not been able to get through to Ticketmaster, Movieline called the distribution company, where a representative informed us (after a hold of 15 minutes) that they had "no record of that show." Upon his advice, we followed up by calling the venue Ticketmaster had set as the first stop on O'Brien's tour, Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, where another friendly representative revealed that even though their office had been plagued with calls this morning in search of those golden tickets, Dodge Theatre had "no knowledge of the event" or "any knowledge of Ticketmaster's claim that the event ever existed."

Hopeless, Movieline reached out to O'Brien's publicists at 42West, asking for any kind of confirmation of a possible Coco show. A head nod, a wink, anything! Within minutes, we received an email response from 42West's Beau Benton stating, "It's too premature to comment on anything at this point. There will be an announcement this week."

Still, Benton could not reveal which day of the week the announcement would be coming. Cause for alarm, or premable to the official, Coco-sponsored announcement of a tour you've all been waiting for? Developing...