Shave and a Scene Cut

· In our zeal to cover the Oscars, we neglected to address Zach Galifianakis's admirable turn as SNL host. The most gripping (and funniest) moment occurred offstage after Vampire Weekend's second performance, when the Hangover star shaved his signature beard. Something is less compelling about a clean-shaven man playing the piano and making wry That's So Raven jokes, but I suspect his foray into peach fuzz is only temporary. [USA Today]

· Alec Baldwin wrote a heartfelt entry about hosting the Oscars in his little open diary at The Huffington Post. The big spill: Carey Mulligan has a real chance in this business. [HuffPost]

· Flame your local messageboard, because the cast of the U.S. version of Skins looks decidedly inferior. [ONTD]

· Nick Nolte is rumored to be starring in HBO's Luck, the horse racing drama whose pilot will be directed by Michael Mann. [Deadline]

· Not so fast, Oscar fanatics: The Hurt Locker may have more continuation and timeline errors than you realize. YouTube, Xbox 360, and a key misspelling provide the best forehead-smacking moments. [Gawker]