One Avatar Rip-Off Claim Down, 3,420 to Go


A Beijing court today threw out the case of an author who alleged James Cameron plagiarized Avatar from his 1999 novel The Legend of the Blue Crow. Zhou Shaomou's book concerns a soldier at a space station who clones other human species for "exploration missions"; he was suing Cameron and 20th Century Fox for 8 percent of the film's revenue to date. What? $200 million seems reasonable for a passing resemblance, no? Especially if it means Delgo is entitled to a billion dollars or more down the line? Appeal! [NYT]


  • Dana says:

    This is going to keep happening because Avatar has the most generic, by-the-numbers story imaginable. It's like making a prime-time sitcom and calling it "Friends". Oh wait, they did that too... *sigh*

  • Dances with wolves in space says:

    Well if Kevin Costner sues, he'd win... This crappy movie was Dances with Wolves in space. But I guess that's why they needed to spend $200MM in advertising. Repeat the same lie enough times and people start to believe it...