On DVD and Blu-ray: The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee


Robin Wright gives a convincing performance in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee as a woman whose dysfunctional relationship with her mother led to unhealthy relationships with everyone around her -- including, and this is what the film wants to drive home hardest, herself. There are a lot of tears shed throughout the film. Other things there are a lot of: women in love with Alan Arkin, deaths, and shots of Blake Lively's enviable gams. Even though the sum of all those parts sounds promising, the film somehow still ends up being a drag. And don't get me started on the ending. Sure, I understand it's a journey through Pippa's life, but to end the film with -- spoiler alert! -- a road trip? Really? I never read the book, but it can't end with a pickup truck driving off into the sunset, can it?

With the aid of flashbacks, Wright (who's credited on the film without the "Penn" attached to her name, so let's assume the divorce from Sean is for real this time) tells us the story of her almost-nervous breakdown. But even though she contributed to the commentary track on the disk, we'll never know her methods: it's dominated by writer/director Rebecca Miller discussing set construction and soft, pearly lighting choices; Wright, on the other hand, only speaks when spoken to, offering nothing worth waiting around for. The real Pippa Lee keeps everything private, apparently.

There are also three bonus interviews with Wright, Arkin, and Lively in the special features, for a sum total of five minutes. The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, too -- Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Julianne Moore, Maria Bello, Monica Belucci -- but none of them show up in the extras.

The special features include:

Commentary track with Rebecca Miller & Robin Wright

Interviews with Robin Wright, Alan Arkin & Blake Lively

Buyer, Renter or Coaster?: We'd say this should be a renter, but you might make it a coaster if you can't handle all the wealthy suburbanite mental issues.

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