Hollywood Ink: Oscar-Hangover Edition!


· It looks like an Oscar bomb went off this morning at Movieline HQ, where a thick layer of discarded awards-pool ballots and flat cups of Champagne has settled like a blanket over every square inch of the office. As such, the usual trade-news round-up we bring you to start the day has been preempted by emergency clean-up duty, unearthing a variety of news and notes from the detritus. Among them: Multi-Oscar-winner The Hurt Locker will enjoy a theatrical renaissance of sorts this week, roughly doubling its current screen count of 274 while expecting a second wind in the home video market, where it has already moved 710,000 units (including downloads). Crazy Heart will expand less aggressively, tacking on another 200 or so screens to its current count of 1,274. Enjoy! [THR]

A word about the Razzies, a nominee resorts to party-crashing, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· So the Golden Raspberry Awards happened over the weekend as well, with All About Steve's Sandra Bullock becoming the first actress since Halle Berry (for Catwoman in 2003) to collect her prize in person -- not to mention to claim a Razzie and an Oscar within 24 hours of each other. Nevertheless, one critic writes, the organizers need to make a few changes in 2011: "You can perform a far more valuable social function if you dare to piss more people off instead of piling on the obvious losers." [The Projectionist]

· Pentagon Papers source Daniel Ellsberg might have been the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary in addition to being a national hero who dared to revolt against the Nixon Administration, but that wasn't good enough to get him in the door last night at the Weinstein Company party. Something about being over loser-capacity, I hear. Ellsberg made it in fine elsewhere, thank goodness. [NYT]

· The evening's overwrought John Hughes tribute may be as close as you get for a while to a new Hughes-related production: Paramount denies it is negotiating a deal for late filmmaker's family-comedy script Grisbys Go Broke, though it may consider other work from his recently mined archives. [THR]

· Alice in Wonderland's weekend take was extraordinary, but was the Oscars' recognition of two 3D films -- Avatar and Up -- a bigger step in defining the format's long-term legitimacy? (Short answer: No, but it can't hurt.) [THR]

· Your mileage may vary, but here are 20 lines that one observer believes stood out from last night's Oscarcast. Notable omission: "COUGH", Kristen Stewart. [THR]