Weekend Receipts: Cheshire Smiles


Oscar Day brings an abbreviated Weekend Receipts: Disney execs were doing a feverish funderwhack today, as the final tallies for Tim Burton's 3D take on Alice in Wonderland were in the vicinity of $116.3 million -- a frabjous haul for the record books! In a distant second place was Antoine Fuqua's Brooklyn's Finest, taking in $13.5 million, followed by Shutter Island, down 41.3% in its third session with $13.3 million. Kevin Smith's Cop Out fell 49.8% in week two, earning just over $9 million, while James Cameron's Avatar hung in at 5th place with $7.7 million. We'd look up the last time a Best Picture winner was in the box office Top 5 going into the Oscars, but we have a pitcher of potent blue cocktails to mix. Have a great awards, everyone! [BoxOfficeMojo]