Friday Box Office: Alice in Plunderland


American moviegoers' wallets are a stunning $41 million lighter today thanks to Alice in Wonderland, which is currently enjoying the biggest March opening ever. The Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration is the latest film to capitalize on the 3D-ticket bump, and if you don't believe it, look where Avatar slid to on Friday -- its first without a monopoly on 3D screens. The week's only other wide release -- Brooklyn's Finest -- performed mediocre at best, while Shutter Island, Cop Out and The Crazies all managed respectable showings against the Disney juggernaut. Find Friday's complete top 10 after the jump.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: $41,000,000 (new)

BROOKLYN'S FINEST: $4,725,000 (new)

SHUTTER ISLAND: $3,975,000 ($86,500,000)

COP OUT: $2,840,000 ($26,055,000)

THE CRAZIES: $2,325,000 ($22,718,000)

AVATAR: $1,975,000 ($714,464,000)

VALENTINE'S DAY: $1,415,000 ($103,565,000)


DEAR JOHN: $970,000 ($74,814,000)

CRAZY HEART: $925,000 ($27,144,000)


  • ashley says:

    to any one considering going to see this movie please think twice its really not that good i went today -the 7th of march- with my husband and my mother in-law none of us enjoyed this movie. I mean it was ok but left us bored most the time, and i found myself more interested in the nutrition facts on the labels of candy bars... the graphics were bad the 3D was blurred and everything kept getting too dark im usually a big fan of both tim burton and johnny depp but i think they should stick to 2D.