The Only Oscar Preview Infographic You Need


Look: We know that you're incredibly busy people, with barely enough time to skim, much less absorb, all the pre-Academy Awards coverage competing for your attention on the Oscarnet™. And so in the interest of delivering you only the most essential information in the most efficient way possible, we've mustered every ounce of our Photoshop skills to render everything you need to know about this year's ceremony in a single, easy-to-understand infographic. Don't waste your time with beautifully designed infographics that squander your precious mental bandwidth by filling your head with useless, but very interesting, trivia!



  • TheStarterWife says:

    You have to laugh at how Fox decided to make Bullock look totally sweet and charming for the DVD cover of ALL ABOUT STEVE in contrast to the psycho image they used on the movie poster above.

  • Dimo says:

    A 4 hour and 15 minute telecast? That's scarier than Mo'Nique's legs. Yeah, I went there...sorry, it's late.