Our Commenters of the Week Win a 'Free Pass' from Mo'nique


Movieline's commenters have enjoyed a committed sexual relationship with Mo'nique for some time. Now, after years of waiting, five of Movieline's retorting fans receive Mo'nique's approval to schtup other people. This is a sure sign that humping the cute girl/studly dude/foxy transgendered person who works the crank at Bar Louie/a nearby wharf/Dairy Queen is A-OK. So, who wins the liberating lay?

stolidog on Play Movieline's 'In Memoriam' Oscar Montage Pool: "At this point they should probably just highlight the survivors and move on."

bess marvin girl detective on Where the G.T.L. Meets I.E.D.: Jersey Shore Does The Hurt Locker: "In Jersey, the air doesn't blow, it gels."

MartiniShark on Bet You Can't Guess the Dark Twist at the Center of The Joneses: So it is high-concept for David D. to make a joke about Demi having a "unit"? How very "Wayne's World" of them.

bend on Brilliant Parody of Terrible Jay Leno Monologue is Actual Terrible Jay Leno Monologue" "That Chocolate Cheerios joke is just to wet your appetite in anticipation of tomorrow's zinger: What's the deal with Ovaltine?"

OldTowneTavern on The Twilight of Her Life: "When I'm old, I hope young men throw those bullshit lines my way, too."

Congrats to all!


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