Oh Yes It's Oscar Night


Hey there, all you Avatards, Blind Siders, District 9iacs, An Educationados, Hurt Lockeroonies, [DEEP INHALE] Fan Basterds, Preciousites, Serious Man-hards, Upsters and Up in the Air-icans! [PANT, PANT.] What are you doin' Oscars, Oscars eve? If you live in the greater New York area, we strongly suggest you swing over to our Oscars Viewing Party at 92YTribeca, where Stu VanAirsdale will be slinging hors d'oeuvres like a champ while your hosts/expert commentators Michelle Collins, Sara Benincasa and Sara Schaefer will preside over the insanity. If you're trapped elsewhere in the lower 48, or anywhere else on the planet with an internet connection, you can still feel like you're hanging out with your friends at Movieline, as we'll be having another tweetstravaganza like the one we held for the Golden Globes. Feel free to comment, too! It's going to be totally drunk! Uh, I mean fun! It's going to be fun.

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