NBC's Finest Return


Let's end this Friday with delightful news: The Office, 30 Rock, and Community have all been renewed for another season. You'll recall that Parks and Recreation was renewed back in early February. This means NBC's entire Thursday night lineup will return, and you can continue murmuring, "I can't believe Chevy Chase/Tracy Morgan/British ideas can be so funny" once a week.



  • HwoodHills says:

    Please, Dear Programming God, tell us there's a new 10:00pm drama in the loop for NBC's Thursday night line up (come this fall.)
    "The Marriage Ref" just ain't cutting it.
    (We'll even take another "Law & Order: Desperate Viewers" re-tread.)

  • Andy III says:

    Good news...well except for The Office, which I finally gave up on this season after realizing that Michael Scott isn't social awkward, he's mentally handicapped. Watch the episode where he gives Pam's mom a coloring book after not realizing that a woman with a daughter Pam's age has probably gone through menopause. Quoth RDJr...you never go full retard.