Late Night Highlights: Disco Suit Galifianakis, Tom Hanks' Oscar Losses and Up in the Air with J-Woww

Life is full of disappointments, the old Lutheran church hymn goes, but nothing seems to let people down more often than Saturday Night Live. Even long time fans of the show who have been burned by stale characters, poor acting and basic unfunniness still come back every week hoping for the best but usually getting something short of that. Zach Galifianakis did his best to raise expectations last night on Late Night with jokes about walking offstage mid-show and a bizarre "skitch" in which Jimmy Fallon did not even break character. Those clips, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while listing 40 pairs of Aiaiai headphones on eBay, after the jump.

4. Tom Hanks Reflects

Five-time Oscar-nominee Tom Hanks warmed the Late Show audience up for Oscar weekend by discussing his past Academy Award losses.

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