Keeping It Real

· Here's a gallery of "honest" Best Picture movie posters. [College Humor]

· Best Mensch? Jeremy Renner, who's bringing his mom as his date. [People]


· The identity of the artist behind the creepy zombie Oscars found around Hollywood is revealed! [TheWrap]

· You know, maybe Disney shoulda held out and just let Lady Gaga star in her own damn Alice in Wonderland movie. [The Daily What]

· OMG! It's Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp on the set of The Tourist! Separately! Through a balcony window, shot with a telephoto lens, kinda blurry! Exxxclusive. [ETOnline]

· Role Models writer Tim Dowling is working on a sequel to 1988's Midnight Run. De Niro's on board, but Charles Grodin isn't -- and not because he died in the '90s, because he's very much alive, despite what we mistakenly held to be true. [Empire Online]

· A Star is Born: Conan O'Brien chooses a girl at random, follows her on Twitter. [ONTD]


  • HwoodHills says:

    Conan's girl is up to 7783 followers now.
    Thanks, C, for giving us another new Pilot possibility:
    What happens when a random 'nobody' gets followed by a comedic celebrity stalker? - Hilarity!!
    "Lovely Button" - A comedy that zips!