Hollywood Ink: Ryan, Suaaaaaa-ve


· Ryan Gosling is reportedly set to join Warner Bros.' untitled Steve Carell comedy, featuring the Office star as a father struggling in the midst of a marital crisis. Gosling will play Carell's "suave best friend," which admittedly isn't much to go on but could mean anything from "sidekick" to "gay leg of a bisexual love triangle." Or maybe just "paycheck." We'll see. [Variety]

Oliver Stone turns savage, Benicio Del Toro goes undercover, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Oliver Stone will likely follow Wall Street 2 with Savages, a romantic crime thriller about a Laguna Beach love triangle and the Mexican drug cartel that threatens to destroy it. Stone bought the rights to Don Winslow's source novel (which publishes in July) himself, meaning he'll produce and direct once he successfully shops around a script and a cast. If Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan aren't reunited with him here, then there is no God. [Deadline]

· Speaking of package deals, Benicio Del Toro is said to be attached to Making Jack Falcone, a biopic of the prolific, Mafia-infiltrating FBI agent Jack Garcia. He'll reunite with Steven Soderbergh (who'll co-produce) and their Che writer Peter Buchman, who has a screenplay ready to go. [Deadline]

· One good, cheap Stephen King sleeper deserves another, and thus Paramount has recruited 1408 screenwriter Matthew Greenberg to do a pass on its new adaptation of the novelist's Pet Sematary. [THR]

· Assuming like the rest of us that Bryan Singer has lost interest in that Excalibur re-do of his, Warner Bros. has apparently set up a second Camelot epic of the same name with Guy Ritchie now attached to direct. Odds are it would go off after Sherlock Holmes 2 -- if it goes off at all. At least there's a treatment as opposed to Singer's zilch, so hey. [Pajiba]