Eyes on the Prize

So you know what you're doing Sunday night, but do you know where you're doing it? No matter which direction the Academy Awards take you, check in with Movieline's livetweet extravaganza, and if you're in New York, please do stop by our Oscar Viewing Party at 92YTribeca. There will be prizes, drinks and good company just like you to salute and/or heckle winners off the screen. Anyway, please read on for convenient talking points for that night and the rest of the weekend, and as always, may your Oscar ballot be a winner. Cheers!

· Damn! How about the star parade of interviews this week, including Robert Pattinson, Johnny Weir, Rose McGowan, the year's Documentary Oscar nominees, Brian Geraghty, Patrick Warburton, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Crazies director Breck Eisner, Cold Souls director Sophie Barthes, and Verge designee Alice Eve?

· Poor James Cameron. You can bet George Lucas never had to deal with terrible Wookiee-pregnancy jokes in his Oscar glory days.

· Inglourious Basterds was discovered to be better for the Jews than The Hurt Locker was for Iraq bomb techs (or its own producer), which could prompt one conclusion: This is the thing that happened in cinema this year.

· Unless Maxine the Psychic tells us otherwise, that is.

· When it came down to Pocatar vs. Ebertar, Oprah's choice was clear.

· No matter how many times Bruce Willis has played a cop, you can bet he'd trade every one of those roles for a walk-on in the lost classic Gone with the Pope.

· The Joneses, Prince of Persia, Barry Munday and Legend of the Guardians all submitted to our Two-Minute Verdict.

· We had your close reads of American Idol and The Bachelor finale.

· Another episode closer to the end of Lost also called for some serious reflection.

· However bad things get for Jay Leno in his return to The Tonight Show, they could always get worse: He could be on The Marriage Ref.

· Oh, and don't forget to print your "In Memoriam" Oscar Montage Pool ballot ahead of Sunday night! Good luck!