Because It's That Kind of Year, Let a Rabbit Choose Best Picture


In a shocking bit of interspecial backlash, an intransigent rabbit named Smokey begs to differ that Inglourious Basterds is "the thing that happened in cinema this year." In fact, the real thing that happened in cinema this year is that a rabbit has more of a clue than our psychic pals and much of the Hollywood establishment about what will win the Best Picture Oscar come Sunday. Maybe it's just Smokey's savant-like understanding of the preferential ballot, or maybe he took Nicolas Chartier's impassioned e-mails to heart -- it really could be anything. But this is as informed and credible an Oscar forecast as any we've yet seen at Movieline HQ, so consider yourself advised. That said, Smokey also chose David Carradine as a dark horse on my "In Memoriam" Montage Pool ballot, so grain of salt, etc. Click through for the most adorable Oscar prognostication ever.

· Smokey predicts BEST FILM [YouTube via TLB]