What's On: NBC-Section


It is now Day Four of the Jay Leno at 11:35 experiment and magically NBC is borderline relevant again. Who would have thought that having three hours of actual entertainment during primetime could make viewers want to watch your network? Only everyone in the history of television, but at least Pam is finally pushing out that kid so The Office can start having interesting storylines again.

The Office [9 PM, NBC]

Pam Beasley's pregnancy has been one of the lonnnnngest in sitcom history, and tonight, all of those jokes about Pam's smell-sensitivity and daycare interviews will hopefully come to an end when Pam begins to feel contractions. The rest of the office will undoubtedly not know how to react, Creed will offer up some of the only laughs when he reveals that he had no idea Pam was pregnant during those nine months and Michael will probably struggle with feelings of resentment towards the new addition.

The Real Housewives of Orange County [10 PM, Bravo]

The West Coast housewives close out their fifth season with a summer's-end party that is not much fun for Tamra, whose marriage is in shambles. Meanwhile, Alexis and her husband invite the Curtins into the church. At 11 PM, the Housewives of New York City return for a third iteration as their summer in the Hamptons winds down. Meanwhile, Bethenny poses nude for the PETA shoot before meeting LuAnn for cocktails.


Before tuning into tonight's CSI, all you need to know is this: A Rascal Flatts guitarist plays a Rascal Flatts guitarist who's electrocuted to death by his own guitar.


Sleepy Hollow [8 PM, TBS]

Revisit the third collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp in tonight's period horror film based loosely on the Washington Irving story. More stylish than spooky, the '99 period movie stars Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, the police constable responsible for solving the cases of several deaths in which the victims were beheaded. His "delicate" performance was said to be inspired by Angela Lansbury. Christina Ricci stars as Ichabod's love interest and Christopher Walken appears uncredited as the Headless Horseman.