Victoria Jackson to Make Triumphant Return to Public Insanity


Busy as we've all been with the Oscars and Olympics and film festivals and digging out of Lost and what feels a zillion other pop-culture phenomena, a tiny, nagging vacuum in America's soul has never really left the fore at Movieline HQ. Which may explain why it felt so exhilarating, even miraculous this morning to wake up to the news that an old friend is coming back -- and she hasn't changed a bit.

After hitting her intellectual peak last summer and then threatening last fall to quit politics entirely, Victoria Jackson has been selective at best about her engagement with the conservative establishment she so cherishes. (There was that time she compared Rahm Emanuel to the devil, but feel free to sniff at such comparatively weak sauce.) But now Movieline has received a statement about Jackson hitting the road with the Tea Party Express, which gets underway March 27 in Sen. Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, Nev., and oh boy should this be good:

"I am honored to do anything for the Tea Party Movement.

"I attended the first tea party Los Angeles had and brought my Webster's Dictionary to show people the difference between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. I never miss a Tea Party I can attend. I am a beginner political activist. Holding signs and calling Congress is all new to me, but I now have Congress on speed dial.

"I took my FREEDOM for granted until 2008 when my government began to take my freedom away. I am not alone. With the help of God we will take our country back and it will be the Constitutional Bastion of Liberty that our Forefathers intended it to be."

Exactly. And you know what this means, right? Get ready to sing along to "A Communist Is Living in the White House"! Rock!


  • Mikey says:

    Sweet zombie Jesus. Watch carefully, Sarah Palin--this is your future.

  • I wonder which freedoms were taken away?

  • Karla says:

    Well, silly Princess, conservatives have lost the freedom to ignore people they don't like, human suffering, financial malfeasance (as long as it don't touch the rich), information they don't agree with, the basic tenets of patriotism, fellow-feeling, and good manners, that annoying science stuff, and common sense!
    Oh, wait, no they haven't! I'm confused.
    I say the entire movement needs a new name. I propose Bag o' Hammers (as in Stupid as a ...). Or Teabag o' Hammers?
    What say you?

  • Xenop says:

    Freedoms like inflating your net worth as the American International Group Inc. (AIG) did, or holding on to a large portion of subprime loans when converting and selling off the underlying mortgages like Lehman Brothers. Ah, freedom.

  • Joined my local Tea Party....getting active politically while I still have a voice! I have found a political online community site that allows everyone to fax Justaces for free. If you are involved in that kind of thing…check it out at http://AmericanVoice.Com.! Also great article I will come back!

  • What a state this Nevada is. Sharron Angle really woke up the establishment and oh boy will she be a trip to follow. This is going to be a fun battle with Harry Reid. Tough choice between Harry's tax and pork style and her need to eliminate the Department of Education. Tough thing being a purple state. Feel so on the fence here in Goldfield, Nevada. Who is going have the supportive future on Yucca Mountain?