The Nightmare Before Pre-Production


· Say what you want about Tim Burton's auteur vision, but don't mess with Danny Elfman. That dude will cut a bitch.

· $400,000 may buy you four Tesla Roadsters but it won't buy you a good review from Variety, as Iron Cross director Joshua Cross found out. Now, he's threatening to sue. [Gawker]

· Roger and Chaz Ebert don't necessarily want your tears, but I'm sure you'll deliver anyway. [Jezebel]

· Actors from ABC's Sunday night programming block are fleeing their shows -- First, Rob Lowe from Brothers & Sisters, then Dana Delaney from Desperate Housewives and now, Drea De Mateo is also leaving Wisteria Lane. [EW]

· Shrinking violet Bethenny Frankel flashes all of us in a new Bravo preview. Kelly Bensimon believes that is just like her. [bSide]

· Buzz Aldrin claims that walking on the moon was easy compared to rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars. [People]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Looks like someone in Tim Burton's organization is snitching out their boss!
    2. With the way things are going for Variety, they'll soon be offering good reviews in exchange for a subscription.
    3. I won't give him my tears. But I do have bottled sweat that he can have. In Mongolia it's considered an aphrodisiac.
    4. And for some reason, I just couldn't care any less.
    5. Oh, something I care even less about. A new record.
    6. They're already starting conspiracy websites saying that he's not really dancing, and that it's all faked on a sound-stage.