NBC Makes Kathy Griffin/Mariska Hargitay Kiss Even Worse By Cutting It from SVU


NBC, always so good at making decisions! See if you can follow along in this new, instant classic example: The network had Kathy Griffin guest-starring on Law and Order: SVU, and the episode had already been attracting attention for its same-sex smooch between Griffin and Hargitay. NBC stoked that buzz by releasing an advance clip of the kiss, which snagged its fair share of headlines but also a bit of grumbling about Hargitay's last line in the scene, which felt vaguely homophobic.

So what did the network then do when the episode aired last night?

Instead of cutting the objectionable line (which remains), NBC cut the kiss -- the very thing that the network had been promoting for the last few weeks. In its place is an alternate take where Griffin tries to kiss Hargitay, but no dice. "That's not on the menu!" Next up for NBC: A revised version of tonight's heavily hyped episode of The Office where Pam goes into labor and gives birth to a puff of air and a pack of Listerine White Strips.

The original kiss is here. This is the version that aired last night:


  • january says:

    the line itself at the end should have been cut, not the kiss. but NBC and the SVU likes doing this, i guess, because they promoted det. benson telling that guy to lick her boot in an earlier episode and screaming at him, but those lines were cut in the end and never appeared.

  • lilkunta says:

    no nbc DID AIR the scene where OB told the guy to lick her boot.