Legend of the Guardians Trailer: Zack Snyder Wings It with Animated Slow-Mo

The recently renamed Legend of the Guardians is the first CG-animated film from director Zack Snyder, if you don't count Watchmen and 300. Rimshot! What's interesting about the new trailer for the film, though, is how it tries to sell Guardians as a fun family film with talking animals, while playing down the many Snyder trademarks on display.

Among them, you'll note that Snyder's obsession with speed-ramping and slow-mo is still very much in evidence, as his tendency to score his trailers with the very best in alterna-yowling (here, the 30 Seconds to Mars tune "Kings and Queens" has the honor) and experiments in Blu-ray-friendly color saturation. Also, look at the six-packs on those owls! But seriously, Guardians reps an interesting challenge, since WB isn't selling it on the director's R-rated name, and though the look is gorgeous, the generic title and foreign voice cast don't necessarily present a way in. I'm interested, as long as there's no bird-sex scored to "Hallelujah."

VERDICT: Could go either way


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Looks beautiful. But, is it just me or do the voices and music seem out of place? The voices are a bit "Whoa, Dude" and the music isn't epic enough.
    This is one I may have to watch in French while listening to Bach...

  • Sebastian Tovar says:

    I really don't think that I could take that movie seriously. Owls are just not good subjects to center a film around...but Mr. Buchanan is right about those abs...