Late Night Highlights: Precious Snooki, Jay Leno's Uncomfortable Come-Ons and Brooklyn's Finest Murder

There's something about Chelsea Handler that brings out the creepy old man in Jay Leno. During one of the only memorable episodes of the Jay Leno Show, the host led Handler onto a vibrating bed where the pair shared an intimate book read. Last night, Leno upped the sleaze ante by taking her on a Bachelor-worthy date and inviting her to be a member of the mile-high club. Click through for that clip, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while exhaustively bidding on that Danny Zuko-inspired Alec Baldwin portrait.

5. Precious Shore

Finally, the most-eagerly awaited of the Lopez Tonight-Jersey Shore Oscar-nominee reenactments: Precious. Last night, George dedicated two guid-homages to the Lee Daniels picture. The first managed to combine Mariah Carey's role as a welfare-worker, Snooki, margaritas and a punch to the face. In the second, Lopez paired Mo'Nique with Sammi for the sorriest of the skits so far.

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