James Cameron Gives Blessing to Unfunny Skit


Breaking! James Cameron would be totally fine with Sacha Baron Cohen dressing up like a pregnant N'avi at the Oscars and angrily accusing him of knocking "her" up! Because, like, ROFL! "If they want to poke fun at Avatar Sunday, that's OK by me," Cameron told a party reporter Wednesday. "The Oscars are a celebration of movies... even the gaffes and out-of-bounds stuff are all part of the fun." How else would Cameron react after the fact? "I'll be damned if some blue dude in drag is gonna pull some Dada-gibberish prank on me in front of a worldwide TV audience, get the eff outta here"? Anyway, as of this writing there will still be no Sachatar. Sorry. [E! via PopEater]


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