Hollywood Ink: Neil Patrick Harris Feeling Smurfy


· The forthcoming genius that is The Smurfs got even genius-er Wednesday when Neil Patrick Harris was announced as its topliner. The bad news: Harris will not voice one of the title characters, but rather play their live-action counterpart in a story that remains generally under wraps. Or maybe that's the good news? Yes, probably the good news. Anyway, director Raja Gosnell and his crew remain hard at work in pre-production; shooting begins in April. [Deadline]

Rachel McAdams does the muse thing for Woody Allen, Robert De Niro chases Bradley Cooper, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· A few days after Marion Cotillard was announced as the Parisian muse of Woody Allen's untitled next film, Rachel McAdams is in talks to come aboard as the Canadian muse. Or something. Owen Wilson is expected to be Allen's American avatar; plenty of neurosis and accordion music will no doubt ensue. [THR]

· Robert De Niro will co-star with Bradley Cooper in The Dark Fields, featuring Cooper as a writer who goes on the run after coming into possession of a life-changing designer drug. De Niro will play the financial mogul who pursues his character. Neil Burger will direct. [Variety]

· Amid all this talk of Oscar bounces, the Documentary Short nominee Rabbit a la Berlin may have experienced the most significant: It will actually be seen by audiences. Icarus Films plucked the doc -- about wild rabbits and the Berlin Wall -- out of the festival/awards rounds and will plant it in New York later this year. Maybe they know something you and I don't? Adjust your Oscar pools accordingly; this category is always a bitch. [THR]

· What used to be a Nicole Kidman film is now just a Nicole Kidman-produced film, but don't cry for Monte Carlo: Now Selena Gomez will star! And Leighton Meester isn't far behind. Writer-director Tom Bezucha reportedly recast the script about American women pretending to be wealthy travelers in Monaco for a younger audience -- probably not the most reassuring development for Team Kidman, but there's always The Wedding Doctor, so hey, chin up, people. [Variety]