Buzz Break: A Transformative Wiig


· Kristen Wiig poses as Brigitte Bardot (!) in the new issue of V. Not to be outdone, Wiig's one-upper character Penelope submitted to a cutting-edge procedure to graft Bardot's face onto hers. She died on the operating table.

· Casting! Hugh Jackman will come aboard the Lee Daniels-directed Selma, while Benicio del Toro will play undercover FBI agent Jack Garcia in Making Jack Falcone.

· Michelle Rodriguez is returning to Lost. Here's hoping she's able to make stop by Michael's Shooting Gallery.

· "Basically everyone I know is knackered, me included," GOOPed Gwyneth Paltrow this week. Oh, I get it. Because your husband is British.

· Were Jeremy Renner and Jessica Simpson flirting at an Oscar party this week? If only The Hurt Locker had included a scene where he had to defuse sexual napalm.

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