3D to Sucker Green From More Audiences


Box Office Mojo is reporting that Zack Snyder's action fantasy Sucker Punch and the Ryan Reynolds superhero tentpole Green Lantern will both be released in 3D, a post-production conversion for the former, and a pre-emptive strike for the latter. At this point (especially if the 3D-converted Alice in Wonderland does gangbusters this weekend), it's almost more notable if any potential blockbusters on the horizon stick stubbornly to their 2D guns. By 2011, expect three dimensions for all summer movies, and pinkeye-related headaches for all summer movie audiences. [Box Office Mojo]


  • TimGunn says:

    I was just worrying last night over whether the last harry potters would be in 3D. It would be so stupid to switch on to some fad for just the last two movies.
    Also, when will my iPad be arriving?

  • MartiniShark says:

    When is MovieLine going to get off their collective hinders and make their web pages in 3-D?! This traditional flatscreen reading format went out with AOL.

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