Late Night Highlights: Snooki's Homage to Brad Pitt, Sarah Palin's Stand-Up and Tom Selleck's Mustache

And on the second day of the encore iteration of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Sarah Palin made her stand-up debut. A "big get" booking by Leno's talent department that was rivaled on CBS by David Letterman's interview with another Republican expected to run for presidential consideration in 2012, Mitt Romney. Both potential candidates were charming, both took swipes at themselves (Palin explained the writing-on-her-hand incident, Romney explained scuffle he had on a flight home from Vancouver) and both stayed on air for two lengthy segments. Click through for those clips, as well as the other highlights you missed while searching the Jackson compound for a stash of stun guns.

5. Stand-Up Palin/Sit-Down Romney

Last night the former Alaskan governor made her stand-up comedy debut on the Tonight Show (at 2:39) after two-interview segments in which she discussed Fox News' "unbiased reporting," her kids' admiration for the Tonight Show's other guest Shaun White and that unfunny Family Guy sketch. Meanwhile, Romney entertained the Late Show audience with tales of in-flight fights.

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