Hollywood Ink: Tim Burton Presents Abe the Vampire Slayer


· Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov quickly optioned the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer upon its publication Tuesday, bringing the latest revisionist-historical horror novel by Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) into the larval stage of the development cycle. Neither filmmaker is expected to direct -- yet -- Grahame-Smith's tale of a president whose mother was killed by bloodthirsty creatures of the night (abetted by their slave-owning accomplices, natch) and who will stop at nothing to eradicate the savages while saving the Union. And yet they'll still probably get this made before Steven Spielberg ever gets his Lincoln biopic off the ground. [Deadline]

More vampires (of course), Space Invaders to be adapted for the screen (obviously), and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Even the Oscar-winning foreign-language director Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters) is considering the bloodsucker racket, negotiating to take over the vampire-shipwreck novel The Last Voyage of the Demeter. In this one, the titular boat that's transporting Count Dracula from Transylvania to England runs aground off the coast with one survivor; you'll never guess who got to his shipmates. [THR]

· The most surprising thing about this story of Warner Bros. eyeing a Space Invaders adaptation is that it wasn't in development already. But there you have it. And still we can't get a Centipede movie, unless you count that crazy anus-to-mouth/mad-scientist horror flick The Human Centipede, which is close, sure, but we can do better. [LAT]

· Hell no, Sarah Polley isn't selling your damned Canadian margarine: The actress/filmmaker removed her name from a short PSA-ish film to air during Canada's Oscarcast when she learned it was commissioned by Unilever. [THR]

· The creator of Gilligan's Island wants Michael Cera as the title character in an imminent feature adaptation. Expect Movieline's casting notes on this subject at some point as well. [Variety]