From Funny or Die, a Hall of Sketch Comedy Presidents


How do you sell a wonky script about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency to the Funny or Die audience, which only loves foul-mouthed babies and celebrity cameos? Simple: You hire Ron Howard to direct it, then fill the five-minute clip with every famous presidential impression ever. Will Ferrell and Dana Carvey as the Bushes! Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford! Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph as the Obamas, and unkillable SNL veteran Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton! Also, Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan for some reason! (Admittedly, it is kind of the best one.) Watch, bask in the star wattage, and scratch your head a little bit:


  • Major Disappointment says:

    The enveloping problem:

    The creed of Corporatocracy:
    From each, everything that any secret strategy may optimally extricate.
    To each, only minimal compliance with hard fought court judgments.

    Corporatocracy, is implemented by the elite, for the elite.

    The same corporations deal with an ever-changing parade of government
    employees and elected officials, that eventually retire.
    Corporations possess the experience and a strategy to win favors,
    from the novice replacement government people.

    Corporations, too big to fail, recently extorted hundreds of billions, from our government.

    U.S. taxpayers, are paying for what?

    Allowing corporations, and our government, to get too big.

    Corporations may outlive a human being by centuries.
    21,666 companies are over 100 years old.

    Corporate entities perpetuate our military-industrial complex disease,
    by selling US expensive battle field supremacy, allowing US to kill anyone,
    anywhere, anytime; thereby discouraging priceless diplomacy.

    Corporations possess no soul; that may be held to account, as in humans.
    Corporations competing for profit, think like HAL: Salvation is illogical.
    Corporations have owned US wage slaves for generations.
    Corporations are buying our government, and all the information it controls.
    Corporations are being adjudicated the same rights as you and I, without
    being held liable to serve the same time in prison, as a penalty for infractions.

    Sleep tight, but not in the saddle.

    Major Disappointment

    (After trying to post this message at Yahoo! five times unsuccessfully,
    I assume some corporate coward is censoring opinions.)