Buzz Break: Game On


· HBO has finally given a greenlight to the much-anticipated fantasy series Game of Thrones, pictured here. Sean Bean! Peter Dinklage! Swords, horses, beards, and old-timey language! I'm there.

· Do you watch The Forgotten when you've forgotten that you can change the channel after Lost? Now there will be less episodes to accidentally catch the first act of.

· In the bid to finish The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Summit has replaced David Slade's longtime editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, who edited the other two Twilight films.

· Megan Fox has only slept with two people in her life, she tells Bazaar, meaning the likelihood of her tattooing your name onto her body after sex is at least 50%. Good to know!


  • Old No.7 says:

    The Megan Fox statement is probably correct, I would imagine that most men would make a beeline for the door before that crazy bitch's head had a chance to hit the pillow.