Barry Munday Trailer: Patrick Wilson Has No Testicles


If there's one thing Patrick Wilson specializes in playing on screen, it's the good-looking wimp. Whether it's Little Children, Phantom of the Opera, or Watchmen, his characters might seem like attractive, decent guys on paper, but when it comes down to it, they lack that decisive, manly je ne sais quoi. Now, Wilson's SXSW entry Barry Munday has made that manifest: This time, Wilson has literally been de-balled.

At least Wilson gets the chance to stretch a little before that, playing a sleazy, goateed rogue who seduces every woman in sight until he's caught by the father of Ann from Arrested Development (her?), assaulted, and left lacking his testicles. Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly the time that Judy Greer (again with the Arrested guest stars!) shows up, announcing that she's pregnant with Wilson's child. And then, hey, Chloe Sevigny is also in the movie somehow!

It's not that the cast isn't great -- there's even Jean Smart in there, for a millisecond -- but if this is the smart comedy you'd hope it to be, it's not evident from the thudding way the trailer is cut. Even beyond that, the costumes, facial hair, and camera angles just seem a little too precious. We'll wait and see what the SXSW verdict is, but for now, we'd like a little bit more than a comedy with no balls.



  • Smiley says:

    This film hits a familiar note with American females right now.
    Hedonism has wormed its way into the male culture through fraternities and internet porn, even attempting to normalize pedophylia, in the midst carrying these killer micro-organisms like HPV and HIV. Hedonism is a practice that kills women and children throughout the entire world.
    Males will often gain access to women's bodies by tricking them into sex by sending signals that indicate a "relationship": then getting out of the "relationship" by proving they are a poor choice. This is a form of abuse and those who do it are serial abusers.
    WOMEN ( Steinam's whorish, fat-@ssed pseudo-movement included): if a male has sex with you and he climaxes but does not give you an orgasm, that is rape. I means that You were an object for his amusement, at whatever cost to you. His lack of attention being directed your way indicates and absence of concern or respect for your body, your needs, your feelings, your future, or your health. A rapist lost his what? Hahahahaha! Thanks, Dad!

  • el smrtmnky says:

    tell me where the bad man didn't touch you, smiley

  • theescapist says:

    Didn't he already do this movie with "Hard Candy?"