Second Prince of Persia Trailer is Aladdin Without the Fun Parts

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time started filming almost two years ago, and it's had an unusually long post-production schedule, which is a good thing for a (typically rushed) summer movie, right? Hey, it worked for Star Trek! So why, then, is this new trailer so leaden?

It just feels like they're playing it all too straight, doesn't it? Imagine if Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley had shouldered Pirates of the Caribbean alone, without Johnny Depp's lunatic spark, and you might have some idea of what we're getting at here. Or, imagine if Aladdin lacked the following: the genie, songs, a very communicative monkey, fun, Gilbert Gottfried, and colors other than orange and blue. There's got to be more to Prince of Persia than Gemma Arterton's expository dialogue, Jake Gyllenhaal's impressive-but-not-really-that-Persian accent, and a swirling, sand-flecked camera, right? Unfortunately, if there is, I'm not seeing it.

VERDICT: Enough concern to press "pause."


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