Movieline Consults Maxine the Psychic on the Winners, Losers and Fashion Disasters of the 2010 Oscars


If it's Oscar spoilers you want, the internet abounds -- but why rely on rumor and hearsay, when you can go directly to the Psychic Source for your 2010 Academy Awards predictions? An e-mail from the friendly, telepathic tarot readers at "the nation's most respected psychic service" arrived in the Movieline inbox today, and its longshot picks raised more than a few eyebrows around HQ. Among them: Morgan Freeman for Best Actor, Woody Harrelson for Best Supporting Actor, and Harvey Weinstein's best Purim-hijacking efforts would be richly rewarded, as Inglourious Basterds was pegged to take the top trophy. We were intrigued, and immediately arranged for a consultation with Maxine, their resident Oscars expert. Come now as we gaze into her crystal ball and the near, Shankman-colored future comes into focus.

How has your track record been in predicting past Oscar winners?

Well, pretty good, actually. Pretty good over the years. My biggest disappointment was when Laurence Fishburne didn't win for Ike Turner, although it wasn't his best performance.

I was sent a list of predictions. Are these yours?



You seem to go against the conventional wisdom with a lot of these.

I know! Isn't that fun?

It is! So how do you sense the winners? Is there a ritual you go through?

Well, looking at the performances, the actors, the films, and getting a vibration about it. It's really not a formula. It's just what I feel. And I've been reading for a very long time, and have a good accuracy rate.

How much of your visions might be colored by the fact that you actually like these performances and movies?

It's all psychic vibrations. I went by what I felt. Because let's face it -- just to get a nod in the Academy is a phenomenal thing.

So let's start with the big one. You call Inglourious Basterds for Best Picture. Have you seen Inglourious Basterds?

Can we take the recording off for a minute?


Off the record, I haven't seen any of the movies. So I think that makes them all the more psychic. I wait for everything to come on Home Box and Showtime. I feel terrible.

I can't put that in the interview? I kind of like that.

You know, you can use whatever you want.

I think it enhances the psychic element.

Thank you, I think so too. So I haven't seen any of the movies, but these are my picks!

Do you get any vibrations off Harvey Weinstein? He's the producer.

I don't feel he's going to get anything for producing it. I think it will just be the movie. For some reason I have a very strong attraction to it.

And in the Best Actor race, everyone thinks Jeff Bridges is going to win, but you foresee Morgan Freeman in an upset.

I don't think it's that big of an upset. He's such a respected, rounded actor. He's so about it. I don't think Jeff is going to win for Crazy Heart. So that's the big prediction. I know -- I just think Morgan's due. You know, he doesn't want to be 90 when he gets that second Oscar, so he needs that balance.

And we're in the Year of the Tiger in Chinese astrology, which is all about rebellious energy. So there's going to be quite a few upsets.

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  • Troofire says:

    How much do you think Harvey paid Psychic Source for these pseudo-predictions?

  • Greg says:

    Can't wait for Monday morning quarterbacking when every single one of these predictions is wrong.

  • mareseedotes says:

    What a night it will be should Maxine's predictions prove true. I'm rooting for her! And hey, while admitting this opens me up to ridicule from anyone reading this comment, I've had psychic readings on Psychic Source. Most of their psychics are for real!

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    I'm guessing this psychic has a future in casting, cuz clearly heavy-set young black women with only one credit to their name should only ever be in "sad parts" and the role of Precious was "very typecast." Oh, deep sigh.

  • scorpiogrl says:

    Upsets abound! The year of the Tiger will heavily influence this year's Oscars...I totally agree, Maxine! I'm on pins and needles!
    By the way...I'm in tune with the energies above and am just saying...try a reading with any of those advisors, seriously, it will shed much needed light.

  • superpsyquick says:

    On most of her predictions she was wrong. Got only two right. This is beautiful.

  • Wow this was really bad. Then again I don't think the gift should be used for such's almost disrespectful to do so.

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  • […] reliable they are: The last time Psychic Source touted its picks was in 2010, when mediums predicted Morgan Freeman would win best actor for “Invictus,” “Inglourious […]