Listen to Roger Ebert's New Old Voice!

Want to be moved, quite possibly to tears? Then watch this preview footage of the courageous and infallible Roger Ebert on today's Oprah. In the clip, he debuts his new computerized voice for his equally amazing wife, Chaz Hammelsmith Ebert, who hasn't heard him speak since July 1, 2006.

And it totally sounds like Roger Ebert. It's even cooler and more moving than Ebertar! The effect was achieved by using audio from the many DVD commentary tracks Ebert has done over the years, though we wouldn't be surprised if they sampled a bit from his legendary catfights with Gene Siskel, just for added verisimilitude.

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  • DarkKnightShyamalan says:

    The first thing that comes up when you click the link is a commercial, so I was like, "Whoa, he made himself sound exactly like Morgan Freeman." (If that had been his choice, it would have been hard to disagree with.)
    Seriously, though, his dignity and refusal to be pitied through all this is really impressive and inspiring.