Buzz Break: Bugging Out


· Slashfilm's got a sneak peak at brand new Toy Story 3 character Twitch. Click over for a closer look.

· Cameron Crowe may direct an adaptation of the novel We Bought a Zoo, which is about...well, that, basically.

· Meanwhile, Dean Parisot will helm Central Intelligence, starring Ed Helms.

· John Lasseter post-mortems the underperforming The Princess and the Frog: "[It] had a perception problem -- that it was for little girls and kids. It was nothing to do with the technique, and when my career's over, I think it'll be in the Top 5 of the ones I'm most proud of."

· Stephen Moyer misses filming scenes with Anna Paquin in the upcoming season of True Blood. He's been practicing his "Sook-ehhh" for nothing.


  • CiscoMan says:

    In completely unrelated news, I just realized the Movieline story "timeline" at the top (next to the logo) is not just functional, but immensely useful. All this time, I thought the arrows were simply pretty adornments. Go me!

  • Matthew DH says:

    I wish Lasseter had elaborated on why the film didn't do so well. Instead he's promoting a lame Winnie the Pooh 2D film! We need another Lion King! Princess movies and Winnie the Pooh won't draw mainstream audiences back to 2D animation. It is so frustrating watching Disney ruin it's chance to bring back hand drawn films.