A Gallery of 10 Terrible Film Stills Inspired by This Official Tron Photo

To build anticipation for Friday's debut of the first Tron: Legacy trailer, Disney has made available to the film's Facebook fans this incredibly exciting image, suitable for framing, using as wallpaper, or just squinting at and going, "Huh?" And yet, amazingly enough, it's not even close to being the lamest film still ever released. What is? Here are some leading candidates:


Rent (2005)

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  • lizriz says:

    SO worth flipping through all of those to get to the shot of Men In Kilts. Love it! 🙂
    Also thought the Fame shot was pretty cool.

  • Keith says:

    That Rambo one might be fall into "so bad it's good" territory. I like to imagine a Wilhelm Scream coming out of the guy's mouth.

  • Mike says:

    I don't know who decided these are the worst movies... Rambo and The Lake House are two of the best I've ever seen.

  • Learn the Read if youre gonna post says:

    Not the worst MOVIES, the worst MOVIE STILLS

  • Donna says:

    Mike - they didn't say "worst movies", they said worst movie "STILLS". Stills means they took a still frame from the movie and made a picture or poster from it. So the movie may be fantastic but what sense does the "still" make? Get it?

  • snickers says:

    The Rambo one is awesome.

  • lucas says:

    i just spilled soda all over my computer with that twilight one. I thought sparkle boy was bad. that makes him look classy

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