Plumb Out of Luck?


As we mentioned earlier, the cast of The Brady Bunch won't reunite thanks to a spat between Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan). Movieline responds to this by saying: that never stopped this cast of compulsive reuniters before! Bring us Geri Reischl, or "Fake Jan"! Let's watch her in action as she promotes The Brady Bunch Variety Hour with the rest of the cast in 1977. She's who I want to see on Today clutching Ann B. Davis for emotional support. [YouTube]

· Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack will attend the Oscars. The "in memoriam" reel this year will be way harsh, Tai. [RadarOnline]

· Wedding bells are ringing for Simon Cowell! He's preparing to call their ongoing tintinnabulation as "tedious and slightly indulgent." [People]

· Are you ready for a Russian version of Jersey Shore? Vinny's mom is already researching borscht recipes. [NY Post]

· Dustin Lance Black might be penning a J. Edgar Hoover biopic. I doubt that one will also make a grand Castro Street debut. [SlashFilm]


  • HwoodHills says:

    David Soul fired his publicist after this.
    Because even though he got to sing, "Don't Give Up On Us" (while wearing a turtleneck) sitting on stage for that interview without an "important" excuse to leave was just too much to handle.