Bet You Can't Guess the Dark Twist at the Center of The Joneses!

When it comes to movie ideas, there's high concept, and then there's "high" concept; one sells itself on its easy-to-grasp conceits, the other tends to die shortly after the weed wears off, and you begin to see the holes in your vision of a $100 million summer blockbuster in which a cat spends 90 minutes trying to get out of a bag. I think we can safely put The Joneses into the latter category, and yet it somehow still got made. If you saw the spoilerific poster, you might have already gathered what the very high concept at the center of The Joneses is. For the rest of you, watch the trailer and see if you can figure it out.

"They're not just living the American dream. They're selling it." OK, so what you're saying is--

"If people want you, they'll want what you got." Hold it, Lauren Hutton, so am I to understand the Joneses aren't exactly who they--

"I have to be sure my unit is selling their products!"

OK. I GET IT. The Joneses are liars! And actors! They're a deadly new breed of professional called the liaractormarketer, who sputter buzzwords lifted from the back of Malcolm Gladwell books and need to be stopped at any cost. Hey, but wait just one second -- liaractormarketers have feelings too! They fall in love, just like you and me. It's like Moonlighting: Gifting Suites Edition. I'm touched.

PS. That is not what video on a cellphone looks like.

VERDICT: Sold! My computer. After I watched this. Need to go milk a cow or something.

[via Videogum]


  • Martini Shark says:

    So it is high-concept for David D. to make a joke about Demi having a "unit"? How very "Wayne's World" of them.