The One-Page Screenplay: The Robotard 8000's Attempt #3


In The One-Page Screenplay. we approach screenwriters we like and ask them to compose a script that exists on a single page -- a sort of movieku. We then scan the page and share it with all of you. It's a pretty simple but challenging format (imagine asking P.T. Anderson to boil his vision down to one page), but it also offers limitless creative possibilities. And what better way to illustrate that than with the sprawling space opera Attempt #3, by the filthy and hilarious members of anonymous screenwriting collective The Robotard 8000?

The Background: The world may never learn the true identities of The Robotard 8000, a group of screenwriters allegedly repped by top agencies who wrote a spec "too incendiary and too awesome" to exist in traditional development streams. Passed surreptitiously from Hollywood-type to Hollywood-type in a grease-stained, brown paper bag, Balls Out soon developed a passionate and loyal following, its tale of a human doormat taking charge of his life after a near-death experience sending their peers scrambling for the right superlatives to describe it. ("Like watching children paint with shit," says Zodiac writer James Vanderbilt). If you'd like to read it, they've made it available for download at their official online headquarters.

The Official Bio:

The Robotard 8000 is what happens when some of the most writers combine with technology to form the greatest sentient being ever created in the history of fuck yeah. As a monotheistic screenwriting entity, they seek to produce quality. And have. And will. With their groundbreaking screenplay called "BALLS OUT", The Robotard 8000 achieved better than. But now they seek more. Wet more.

The One-Page Screenplay:



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