The 10 Best Celebrity Appearances in Music Videos

Whether you think Vampire Weekend's new, star-studded music video for "Giving Up the Gun" is a work of delightful whimsy or the indie rock equivalent of a Blink-182 video, it's hard to deny that it's helped resurrect a trend that was in danger of dying: the art of stuffing celebrities into a music video. The Vampire Weekend clip can boast Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and the RZA among others, but can it hold a candle to these ten notable music videos that are best remembered for their star power? (Sorry, Martini Ranch. You almost made the list.)

"You Can Call Me Al"

Artist: Paul Simon

Celebrity: Chevy Chase

Simon's first video for "You Can Call Me Al" was a simple affair, taped off the video monitor when Simon performed the song during Saturday Night Live. Dissatisfied with the result, Simon commissioned a new clip, though the dry presence of Chevy Chase ensured that it would still be SNL-adjacent.

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