Hollywood Ink: Messenger Director Moves On to Kurt Cobain


· Oren Moverman, the Oscar-nominated co-writer/director of The Messenger, may have found a follow-up in a biopic of Nirvana singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain. Such a project has seemingly been in some stage of development since Cobain's suicide in 1994 (Gus Van Sant's Last Days tracked that eponymous period of Cobain's life); this one is expected to build off the foundation of a draft by 25th Hour/Brothers screenwriter David Benioff. Moverman also co-wrote the multi-star Bob Dylan bio I'm Not There, so include no fewer than seven actors in your casting suggestions just in case. [THR]

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunite! (behind the camera), a Brit-lit classic gets Twilight-ized, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will once again join forces -- this time on the Warner Bros. lot, and as producers first and actors second. And maybe not even that: The first-look deal would most likely pay off for both stars' directorial ambitions before it gave them any essential new on-camera roles. As an added bonus, Warners reportedly got the rights to the Damon-starring Steven Soderbergh virus-outbreak thriller Contagion. [Vulture, Deadline]

· "Can a studio create a new Twilight?" asks a trade headline this morning. Maybe, maybe not, but one thing at a time: Some freaks in England are reportedly reimagining the long-gestating Gen-Y adaptation of Wuthering Heights as a Twilight-tinged story of "forbidden teenage love with a cast of unknowns." Not that they have a cast yet -- just director Andrea Arnold (Red Road, Fish Tank) and an April 6 start date. That said, admit it: You always did kind of want a Heathcliff manllow. [Deadline]

· Speaking of "forbidden young love," Universal is in the early stages of developing an American Pie reboot. Honestly, if it were between a Pie reboot and Superman, I'd much rather see Christopher Nolan mentor this one along. [LAT]

· Carla Gugino has joined the cast of Faster, the Dwayne Johnson thriller that's currently shooting; presumably she'll replace Salma Hayek, who dropped out of the film earlier this month. [Variety]

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